Hydrate without Harm

Episode 149 April 21, 2022 00:34:59
Hydrate without Harm
Hustle and Pro - Frisco's Sports Podcast
Hydrate without Harm

Apr 21 2022 | 00:34:59


Show Notes

Episode 149: Gerryl Krilic gives us tips on how athletes can stay hydrated without the artificial sweeteners that can stump our bodies or the high amounts of sugar our bodies aren’t meant to handle. Gerryl is a Board Certified Heath Coach Provider, AND also happens be an Iron Man triathlete

I learned a lot hearing from Gerryl, so here’s to hoping this episode helps someone else learn a new healthy habit, too.


• DIY Electrolyte Drinks and Info: 4 Easy Homemade Electrolyte Drink Recipes (mommypotamus.com)

The Get Moving Minute Podcast: Listen Weekdays

Diabetes Prevention Program | FriscoFIT City-Diabetes Prevention for All Ages and Stages

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