We Need a Day at the Spa for Our Mind

Episode 132 November 24, 2021 00:28:45
We Need a Day at the Spa for Our Mind
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We Need a Day at the Spa for Our Mind

Show Notes

Episode #132: Our mental health affects how we think and act and how we handle health at every stage in life. Athletes tend to bear the brunt of stressful situations and traditionally choose to downplay it because of the stigma attached to discussing mental health. We’re here to talk about it and share a few tips of what works for us, including our guest, Tyler Wallace.

Tyler shares with us when he first realized he wasn’t in a good space and why, plus some resources and tools to cope.

We discuss pressure on young athletes and how important it is to exercise the importance of good mental health and conversations about it earlier than we may think.

I hope you listen and learn something that helps you or a friend or family member one day. I hope you takeaway even one way to be an ally to someone struggling.



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